International Business Forum – Italy 2023

IBF 2023 – Resilience in a Recession

We are excited to announce our eagerly anticipated 9th International Business Forum hosted in Italy, dedicated to exploring the theme of “Resilience in a recession”. This forum will bring together business professionals, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and experts from various fields to share their insights and strategies on how to navigate through the challenges of a recession.

As we are all aware, the global economy has been impacted by recent events, and businesses have had to adapt quickly to survive. The focus of this forum is to equip participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to not only survive but thrive in a recession. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from successful businesses that have weathered the storm, and from experts who will share their tips on how to stay ahead of the curve.

The event will feature keynote speakers who are well-respected leaders in their respective industries, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. Participants can also look forward to networking opportunities with peers, as well as industry professionals and thought leaders.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from industry experts and successful businesses on how to build resilience in a recession. Register now and join us for an engaging and insightful discussion on the topic of “Resilience in a recession”.

How to participate

Whilst tickets for the event will be available for sale, our members will receive a considerable discount! For those who are unable to attend the forum in person, we are pleased to offer a webinar option to ensure that everyone can benefit from the valuable insights and knowledge shared during the event

(Registration is free for our online webinar).

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